Top World Bank Employee Resigned From His Job To Make A Full-Time Living With UFABet

Ashfrida Archer from Sydney, Australia, is a Conspiracy Theorist and Gambler, who claims the Global Elite indirectly promotes stupid conspiracy theories like the reptilians control the world, the earth is flat, etc, in order to make the conspiracy theorists look bad and stupid.

Ashrida says she got into the conspiracy theories back in 2015 for the first time and then after a few months, she came to the wrong conclusion that it was all crap after only a few months of it. Then once by an accident in the December of 2016, she came across this article by a Former World Bank Employee who had resigned from his job where he stated that the World Bank and IMF promote ridiculous conspiracy theories like the Rothschild Family alone runs the world, etc, to make the conspiracy theorists and their followers look like big fools. She adds there was a lot of other stuff that he mentioned that made perfect sense.

Ashfrida writes she cannot recall the name of this Former World Bank Employee who opened her eyes. She promises that she will share article with the readers as soon as she finds it again and has been trying hard for it. He used to be a regular on the ufabet scene, she says.

Before reading this article by this Former World Bank Employee, she used to only believe in the conspiracy of Big Pharma and she considered all other to be rubbish.

Now she says that the conspiracies are everywhere. She says there are more conspiracies going on across the globe than one might think of.

She writes what a pity it is that so many people, especially the Generation Z Rock Lovers. spend so much of their time finding out the truth of the murder of Kurt Cobain. She believes it not worth anything to anybody and the people should rather care about the conspiracies that have to do with the future rather than to having to do with the individuals who are no more.

About the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, she writes that the guys like Jeffrey Epstein are petty fall guys and the so-called powerful multi-millionaires are little guys who can’t do anything to the people who really run the show.

She claims the real hidden elite is ruthless like that. Many of these multi-millionaires caught in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal did tons of favor to the people that form the ‘Hidden Global Elite’ she says, but they don’t seem to care about any of that.

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