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Bianca Calamai from Palermo, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes that historically, most of Europe should still be controlled by Italy if we go back far enough.

Bianca thinks Spain belongs under Romance culture like France, Italy, etc. She adds Basque is Basque.

Bianca thinks Southeast Asia is the best part of the world and Situs Slot Online 10rb is the best thing about Southeast Asian countries.

Bianca writes the only thing that Matteo Salvini cares about is getting votes. She says that in the beginning he was vehemently against Southern Italy (especially Naples), going as far as wishing for an eruption of the Vesuvius. Then he realized that he needed their votes and so he focused his hate further south, towards migrants.

Bianca takes pride in the fact that it is cheaper to fly to Italy to get a surgery than it is to stay in the US and do the same thing.

Although Bianca likes to read and write a lot, she didn’t know till about a year ago that much of Canada is actually a lot lower latitude than comparable places in Italy, Spain, France, Britain, etc.

Bianca believes giving all of Europe back to Italy is the only way to save Europe.

Well you say God isn’t real but there is the Turin shroud that covered Jesus’ body.

Bianca Calamai

Bianca drams of cities that are more futuristic in terms of everything. Her birth city Turin gets pretty depressing quite usually. She writes that in Turin, North-West, for now, there is not much. She writes the government is urging people to use their own cars, public transport is basically empty, supermarkets are only allowing 5 at a time.

Bianca regularly has interaction with the Chinese people who visit big European cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, etc. They all say that they love Casino Online AAMS as much as they do those Morjim escorts in Goa.

Bianca writes it is amazing how Toronto gets as much sun as Milan, but still Toronto is so much colder, comparatively.

Italy has an old population as well, and it is quite dense, especially around the Northern epicentres of Milan and Bergamo.

Bianca Calamai

Bianca once wanted to visit Monaco and spend all his life savings there hut later discovered that it was better to stay in Milan and Florence.

Bianca writes that the Italy has an actual centre-right party. She says it sounds bad to call yourself right but if you defend the right and feel alienated from the left, you are on the right at least a little bit, so centre-right fits you.

It is American pizza which bastardizes Italy, it is pineapple which ain’t a primary export of the Hawaiian nation and it doesn’t mix properly with American pizza.

Bianca Calamai